Brightest Shadows

Recap: Group 2 (2/28)

Characters Present:
Abigail Arisato
Miriam Tinneth

New NPCs Met:

  • The Fang of Vengeance

The game resumed in Keket’s library, although she herself was not present. Dr. Arisato was nonchalantly levitating books when Procursu snuck-up on her, causing the doctor to pelt her with said books. They debated morality until Delta arrived.

Once the mage was situated, Procursu revealed both that she was leaving temporarily to join the Embassy to Fortune and the details of her visit to the aquarium: Sarlissa’s fish friend was a sentient, ensouled swordfish that she called Mr. Swordfish although he referred to himself as Xiphias. He was also a Proximus, possessing limited Awakened magic of divination and telepathy. Furthermore, the entire aquarium the built on a Hallow of incredible power flavored with calm and clarity of thought.

Procursu saw that as the manifestation of her Queen’s Invocation, Acqua, and the Queen agreed. She gifted her ambassador with a bequest capable of allowing her to guide others into the Dreamlands and tasked her with bringing Xiphias there. Delta was unimpressed with the idea of an ensouled fish, especially when she compared the Hallow to Atlantis, but eventually agreed to come along. Dr. Arisato was eager to join them as the Queen of Diamonds realm could fairly be called a kingdom of scientific progress.

They drove to the aquarium and were met by an ecstatic Sarlissa, whose mage lover Hastings had recently proposed to her (at Procursu’s urging). Although still not happy with Delta from their last meeting she escorted them into the aquarium to Xiphias’ tank. Normally relying on Sarlissa to translate for him, he spared her the difficulty of translating for three people at once and used his telepathy to communicate. He agreed to meet with the Queen of Diamonds and Procursu produced the enchanted abacus the Queen had bequeathed to her. Delta, however, decided to remain behind to defend their sleeping forms from possible intruders.

Once in the Dreamlands Procursu, Sarlissa, Arisato, and Xiphias climbed a mountain and traveled through a narrow pass to the bottom of the sea. There they followed a school of luminous jellyfish and surfaced at the Danann Archipelago, domain of the Queen of Diamonds.

Meanwhile, in the physical world, Delta was alone in the darkened aquarium. He heard footsteps and used Life magic to grow claws and cat eyes. The footsteps belonged to a hoodie-clad, katana-wielding vampire calling himself the Fang of Vengeance. He announced his master had ordered the deaths of the party and challenged Delta to a duel. The duel commenced, katana versus claw, sardonic taunts versus horribly-broken Japanese. Both combatants involved were heavily injured, although Delta proved the victor and the vampire was sent into torpor. The power of the Hallow allowed Delta to heal his grievous wounds with great ease.

Back in the Dreamlands, the travelers were brought before the Queen of Diamonds for lunch on a balcony. She and Procursu had a bit of amusement at the others’ expense by playing-up the formality of the court to ludicrous (and Queen of Hearts-esque) levels, which made Dr. Arisato look fairly silly when she announced herself as the “undisputed ruler of the Fellowship for Manifest Direction”. Xiphias stayed to converse with the Queen while Procursu took the others out to see the city.

Out in the city they encountered Jack of Diamonds, the ambassador from the Court of Spades who masqueraded as a jester. Their conversation revealed some interesting rumors including the sabotage of the Charming Engine to run Tempesta programs, the disturbing company Sword ambassador Lucretia had fallen-in with, and the apparent coziness of Hearts ambassador Corso with the vampiric heads of the Circle and Invictus.

Character Developments:

  • Arisato traded in her Apokalypsi 4 and 5 dots
  • Procursu has left for training to join the Embassy to Fortune

NPC Developments:

  • Sarlissa and Hastings are getting married
  • Mr. Swordfish calls himself Xiphias after the scientific name for swordfish

Stopping Point:

  • Returning to the aquarium from the Dreamlands (no downtime)



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