Brightest Shadows

Recap: Group 1 (2/24)

Characters Present:
Molly Singh
White Lily

New NPCs Met:

Picking-up in the main hall of Shadow Castle Clinton, Alexander Heartbreaker agreed to assist the party in baiting the black wolf if they helped him find the rest of his pack. Lethe used a combined Mind/Space spell to determine that there was only 1 other lifesign in the castle so they headed towards it.

The first delay came when they noticed a door that hadn’t been torn off its hinges by rampaging werewolves. Inside, they located the castle’s library and study… and a member of Alexander’s pack, a shaman, dead with a silver knife stuck in his neck. They determined it was a fetish (a spirit-imbued object)though not what its power was and took it to analyze later. The shaman was seated at a desk with a book open in front of him: a tome listing several werewolf legends, including accounts of the Maeljin.

Leaving the body and planning to return later, the group set off down the hall once more following Lethe’s spell. The signal was not moving, indicating it was likely unconscious or trapped. They stopped once again, however, when Alexander noticed his hand covered in drops of blood. Lethe suggested it was a reaction to the fetish’s presumed anti-werewolf powers but, looking up to the ceiling, the true cause was revealed: another member of the pack, dead and pinned to the ceiling with silver pikes. Lily and Alexander removed the pikes and brought the body down though, again, they decided to return for it later.

Finally, they reached the source of the mind signal. A spacious tower towards the top of the castle contained the final member of the werewolf pack, captured and hung from the ceiling by silver chains. Alexander immediately rushed forward to rescue her… and was ambushed by a chitinous black spirit with scythe-like claws. Molly, thinking fast, managed to hold the rest of the party back and so avoided being ambushed as well.

The spirit was fast and leaped at Lily immediately. However, it failed to actually hit her. She fired her revolver point-blank and only did minimal damage to the spirit. Lucretia drew her rapier and charged, though the spirit effortlessly rebuffed her attack with a flick of its tail. Lethe hit it with a Mind assault with minimal effect. Molly called upon her Contracts to determine the spirit’s worst memory which I will again leave up to her to reveal or not. The spirit attacked Lily again and managed to land a solid blow. This time, however, she used Lucretia engaging it as a distraction to retreat and get a better shot. It was enough and the spirit exploded into shards of glass.

Molly picked the lock holding the chains to the floor and the werewolf was released. After regaining consciousness she introduced herself as Maggie Silverfang, a shaman-in-training and the greenest member of Alexander’s pack. She claimed to have been ambushed from behind by the spirit, though not before hearing there was someone else there giving it orders whom she could not identify. They returned to the locus outside the castle that the werewolves had originally used to enter; Walks-the-Void, Maggie’s shaman tutor, was waiting and brought them across the Gauntlet. The werewolves returned to the castle to retrieve the bodies of the fallen as well as the black wolf’s idol, which they would deliver to the party later.

Character Developments:

  • Molly learned of the spirit and, due to downtime, is no longer crazy

NPC Developments:

  • Walks-the-Void is the nominal leader of the New York werewolves
  • Alexander and Maggie survived, although the rest of their pack is dead

Stopping Point:

  • Splitting-up after crossing the Gauntlet (downtime)



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