This page contains details on every faction players are likely to be members of. Warning, it is a SERIOUS wall of text.

Ordo Dracul: New York has been a Dragon city since before it even was New York and its Kindred have never known a leader other than Annibeth Greystone. She and the Ordo are so firmly entrenched in the city that there’s no one old enough to remember a time without them. Greystone is a legend among the Dragons for overcoming the Fog of Ages and has been active for several hundred years. The modern Ordo Dracul is both the largest and most powerful covenant in the city by far and leverages the Coils of the Dragon to great effect. With the signing of the Accord, Prince Greystone has effectively cut the Primogen Council out of major decisions and further secured Ordo dominance.

Invictus: The Invictus is not in control in New York City at all and that infuriates them beyond belief. The Primogen Council contains only 1 Invictus member. They have access to one of the most prime hunting grounds in the city…shared with the Carthians. Not a single group they’ve made overtures to has been receptive to offers of an alliance. To make matters worse, the leader of the Inner Circle has recently fallen into torpor and been replaced by the next member of his cyclical dynasty: Emmeline Leopold. She was embraced as a preteen and, though old and powerful, has been severely weakened by her recent torpor.

Circle of the Crone: The Circle flies below the radar in New York which is exactly how they like it. Their low profile has so far let them avoid being purged like the Lancea Sanctum or deliberately setup as opposition like the Invictus and Carthians. Their leader is a Galloi master of CrĂșac who, though clearly powerful, seems far more interested in profiting from his magic than advancing the cause of the Circle. There are factions within the Circle with other plans, of course…

Lancea Sanctum: There is no formal Sanctum presence in New York City and hasn’t been for several decades. Actively purged long ago on the Prince’s orders, any who remain today are fairly recent arrivals that are allowed to remain purely because of the usefulness of Theban Sorcery.

Carthian Movement: The Carthians originally came to the city to escape Invictus dominance only to find the the Dragon Prince no less iron-fisted. Nonetheless, they have managed to carve out a place for themselves. They have access to a prime hunting ground, albeit shared with the Invictus on the condition they keep them distracted. They are also fairly strong supporters of the Accord as it allows them to seek allies with more compatible worldviews than their own kind. The Sin-Eaters in particular are rumored to have been particularly receptive to their outreaches.

- – -

Free Council: The Free Council is divided. On one hand, one of their number is the Hierarch of New York, a completely unprecedented event. On the other, he has far more respect for the Adamantine Arrow and Guardians of the Veil and routinely suspends his Council membership to avoid being bound by the Assembly’s decisions. In recent days the Strategos has been gathering support for a motion to expel him from the Council entirely with the hopes of replacing him as Hierarch. Enough of the Council supports the Hierarch and the acceptance he has brought them that expelling him would not be a simply matter, however.

Adamantine Arrow: The Arrow is comfortably the strongest mage faction in New York. They were instrumental in joining with the Forsaken to drive out the Pure and securing the Consilium’s strength. Their Acanthus leader is known as a brilliant strategist and was largely responsible for their overwhelming success against the Pure. The Hierarch has great respect for the mages of the Arrow; many have mutual oaths with him and they fully expect him to join once he inevitably grows tired of his own Order.

Guardians of the Veil: No one has any idea what the Guardians are up to, as always. Not even they knew what they were up to, apparently, considering they’ve had their strings pulled behind the scenes by a Tremere Lich for almost a hundred years. They finally figured it out a few years ago and, rather than hunting down and destroying the Lich, made him their official leader in recognition of him basically being that anyway. He and his followers were granted amnesty by the Hierarch in exchange for only feeding on the Consilium’s enemies. Now the Chief Sentinel, he has a strong incentive for helping the Hierarch stay in power lest said amnesty disappear.

Silver Ladder: Once the undisputed rulers of the Consilium, the Ladder has fallen far in recent times. They took the unprecedented step of sticking their necks out to assist the embattled Hierarch of Boston, a move which proved so unpopular at home it led to a full-scale rebellion. Now actively marginalized by the other Orders and with most of their old guard dead, the Ladder desperately needs a leader strong enough to restore them to glory.

Mysterium: Out of all the Orders, the Mysterium has arguably gained the most from the Accord. The relative openness of the wider supernatural community has allowed them incredible access to obscure knowledge and resources. They’ve taken to holding multi-faction symposiums on various topics (faerie v. supernal Arcadia, the nature of the soul, etc.) which have been successful enough to make them the Consilium’s unofficial ambassadors to the other Accord factions.

- – -

Autumn Court: The Leaden Mirror has always been defined by both fear and knowledge and nowhere is that more clear than New York. Autumn doctrine here intertwines them: acquiring knowledge always results in fear as it inevitably reveals truths the seeker is not prepared for. An Autumn courtier, then, is one who accepts and embraces this truth. Every shattering revelation builds up the seeker’s fortitude until there are no secrets left in the universe too shocking. The Autumn Queen was taken by the True Fae at a very young age and made to catalog the hopes and fears of other children so she knows this better than most. She runs the Court by a sort of triumvirate composed of her, a masterful Hedge explorer, and a Vizieral Council sorcerer.

Winter Court: Despite being the Court of Sorrow, Winter is surprisingly hopeful. They recognize the Gentry as a serious existential threat but prefer to focus on building a home for themselves and their kind instead of seeking revenge. The Winter King is a Black Apple Legate and local legend who supposedly debated his own Keeper to a standstill to earn his freedom. He is the strongest supporter of the Accord among the Lost in no small part due to his marriage to a Sin-Eater and wanting to build a better world for their young daughter. Winter often passes with few major shakeups. While they’re loathe to take direct action, woe to those who harm the Court’s friends.

Spring Court: No one really cares about who the current monarch of Spring is as he’s just as much of a puppet as the ones before him. The barely-concealed power behind the throne is the Goldspinners Guild and they keep the King around purely as a figurehead and distraction. Their effectively-unlimited wealth has allowed them to sink their hooks into newly-escaped Lost that need help reclaiming their old lives or establishing new ones. With the signing of the Accord, their influence has grown to include members of every supernatural faction.

Summer Court: The Summer Court is rapidly hurtling towards a breaking point. Not that there’s anything wrong with its courtiers; most are strong, noble warriors. No, the problem is their Queen. The Summer Queen is completely insane. She sees True Fae spies everywhere, both within the other Courts and the Accord as a whole. Everyone who hasn’t sworn personal allegiance to her is a potential threat and even their loyalty is suspect now that she knows powerful Mages can alter oaths. A significant potion of the Court has become absolutely fed-up with her and many believe her removal is inevitable.

- – -

Aeon Antiquities, LLC
A wealthy (estimated ~$1,000,000,000 reserves per Arisato’s scrying) antiquities dealer and auction house specializing in true, magical artifacts. Operated by the supernatural trio of Mister Silver (some type of immortal), Ammon (Apostate mage), and Madison Magnus (Sin-Eater), Aeon is considered an independent partner of the Accord in no small part due to the incredible number of dangerous artifacts they have stored in their vaults. Nearly any magical object imaginable can be purchased from them for the right price. Known to be flexible with regards to finances due to their supernatural clientele.


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