NPCs other than each faction’s leader will be revealed when either group encounters them.

Annibeth Greystone – Prince
Charles Clark – Dragon Knight
Caelinus – High Priest of the Circle, Club Owner
David Fletcher – Sheriff, NYPD Lieutenant
Howard Greene – Seneschal
Emmeline Leopold – Primogen, Invictus Leader
Aniceto Leon – Invictus Bodyguard

Veles – Hierarch
Hastings – Tremere and Guardians of the Veil Leader
Londo – Mysterium Hunter of Spirits
Ammon – Aeon Senior Partner, Apostate Master

The Radiant
Ambrell – Ambassador of Spades
Sarlissa – Ambassador of Clubs
Corso – Ambassador of Hearts

Walks-the-Void – Bone Shadow Hunter of Spirits
Alexander Heartbreaker – Iron Master warrior searching for his pack

Madison Magnus – Aeon Senior Partner, married to the Winter King

Arlok – Spider Host warden of the Gauntlet
The Prophet – Shadowy emissary of Pseulak who takes the form of a black wolf
Mister Silver – Aeon Senior Partner, presumed-immortal
Mister Swordfish – Swordfish and friend of Sarlissa
Footlong – Snake spirit that devoured the subway spirits of the city, so named by White Lily


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