House Rules

The following combat hacks from Armory Reloaded are in effect:

Vampire Hacks:
• Dead Flesh (p. 165)
• Gluttony (p. 165)

Werewolf Hacks
• Savage Might (not Brawl attacks; p. 166)
• Unstoppable Fury (p. 167)

Promethean Hacks
• Call the Lightning (p. 168)

Changeling Hacks
• Distractions (p. 169)
• Sup on Agony (p. 169)

Hunter Hacks
• Strong of Heart (p. 171)

Other House Rules

• Buying the 5th dot of any stat at character creation does not cost 2 dots.
• All characters receive 12 dots of merits at character creation instead of 7.
• All characters receive 1 free dot in any Status appropriate to their template (Order, Covenant, etc.). Changelings may trade this for 1 dot of Mantle in their Court, or 1 dot of Court Goodwill if courtless. Mages may trade it for High Speech if apostate. Princesses may trade it for Royal Tongue.
• No player character can drop below Morality (or equivalent) 1 without player consent. Players will never “bottom out” and become unplayable unless they specifically request that for their character.

• All werewolves gain the Focused Rage ability (WAtP p. 142). This applies continuously, even if they are not part of a Crusade. (Basically, werewolves still have to make control rolls to do anything except attack in Gauru form but failure doesn’t lead to Death Rage unless the roll is a chance die. Furthermore, add the sum of all your resistance attributes to the number of turns you can remain in Gauru form instead of just Stamina.)

• The Wasteland is completely removed from the game. All effects that reference it are either removed or modified based on their function.
• Prometheans do not invoke Disquiet in supernatural beings. For the purposes of this ability, “supernatural beings” includes those with any major template (except hunters) as well as certain minor templates (on a case-by-case basis).

• The “To the Limit” optional rule (TotM p. 168) is in effect, but ONLY for the purpose of using advanced factors for spells. (This allows any mage to cast a spell that requires an Arcana rating 1 dot higher than she actually possesses once per scene. This requires at least 1 dot in every Arcana required for the spell and counts as an improvised spell. It is always vulgar, adds 3 dice to the Paradox roll, and costs 1 Willpower point to attempt. The resulting Paradox (if any) is calculated from the spell’s Arcana rating and counts the mage’s Wisdom as if it were 1 lower for determining duration. Yes, this means you can use the advanced prolongation factors for 5th dot spells without being an Archmage.)
• Tremere Liches require 1 soul per year to sustain their immortality regardless of age. Awakened souls count for 5 years.

• Being resurrected reduces your maximum Synergy by 1, not 2. The Revenance merit removes the reduction completely.

• The discipline Praestantia (VII p. 34) is available to all vampires. It’s not a clan discipline for anyone by default, but you may permanently trade any other physical discipline for affinity access to it, or include it when creating a bloodline.
• When purchasing the Coils of the Dragon, do not add all the Coils you possess together to determine the cost you must pay: costs are determined on a per-Coil basis. So if you have Blood 3 and Banes 3, buying the first dot of Soul costs 7 exp not 49.

• Starting Wonders are not rolled for. You may start with any number of Wonders you are capable of making and binding Mania to. You may choose their flaws as well.

House Rules

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