White Lily

Purified Slasher hunting for supernatural evil


Name: White Lily
Concept: Buffy Winchester Gone Mad
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Wrath
Undertaking: Legend

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 5
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 3

Mental Skills: Crafts (Ammunition) 3, Investigation 3, Occult (Werewolves) 5
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Firearms (Revolvers) 5, Larceny 1, Stealth 3
Social Skills: Intimidation (Urban Legend) 2, Socialize 1, Subterfuge 2

Merits: Alternate Identity 2, Locus 2, Weaponry Monomaniac 2, Contacts (Revenge Spirits, Hunter Cells) 2, Status (Local Spirits) 3, Ritual Crypt 1

Willpower: 8
Morality: 4

Chi: 3
Powers: Projection 1, Shifting 3

Initiative: 7
Speed: 11
Defense: 3
Health: 7

-The Silver Sword (Revoler, 2L, 8-again)
-The Silent Walkman

Experience: 28/28


The White Lily
In the late 19th century, Lily was a student of strange occult circles that investigated egyptian tombs and artifacts in hopes of finding the secrets of immortality.
They did, and it worked; all her friends took part in the ritual of Purification and were reborn immortals, her last of them. They started mingling with spirits, their gathered powers sufficient to make them influent in the Shadow of their region.
A group of werewolves – they might have been Pure; Lily did not know enough at the time – took offense to this competition and threatened them. The circle laughed, and things went badwrong. The wolves killed them all, then hunted down their spiritual essence even as it reappeared in the spiritual world to drain their Essence and tear them apart; they ran, and one by one met their Final Death in the depths of the Shadow. Lily was the only survivor.
The traumatism nearly broke her mind; it took her more than a decade to reconstitute her spirit from a small more of spiritual essence, and when she finally managed to reform her body fifteen years had passed.
She could have gone on a rampage to avenge her friends and kill these werewolves, and everything might have been fine. However, they were gone – displaced from their area by their own lupine conflicts.
It is this impossibility to get closure that finally pushed her over the edge. She became obsessed with destroying the “evil” supernatural. Using her spiritual contacts and abusing her immortality, she went after every monster she could find. She died many times, but always came back.
This, more than anything, gave rise to her Legend. She was not just a Hunter; she was a girl on a blind quest for revenge. There were tales of her among supernatural beings. She was portrayed as much more fiersome and dangerous than she really was, and in turn this tales changed her.
She began to took the appearance of whatever was imagined as “the hunter” in this particular time, shifting as the times went on. In the 30s, she was a female Van Helsing, giving insight to actual hunters and pointing them towards the monsters she wanted destroyed. In the 50s, she was the Hammer Horror hunter, bowler hat and crucifix opening vampires’ havens to stake them. At the end of the century, she was that frail young girl gifted with exceptional superpowers; and as the new century began, she took dull clothes and shotgun and wandered the roads. You get the idea; her Legend flows with the times, and she follows it.

Nowadays, she is the White Lily. She is mostly in control of herself; she has managed to focus on destroying the “monsters” rather than merely all supernaturals. She has come to New York out of curiosity more than anything else; she believes that this attempt at supernatural cooperation is doomed to failure, but in the meantime if she manages to be integrated in this “supernatural peacekeeping force,” her job could become a lot easier and even acquire some form of legitimacy. Hey, as long as there are enough monsters popping up for her to get her fix of bloody vengeance, she could even settle down.
She’ll be nice. Promise.

White Lily

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