Molly Singh

Winter Court Changeling with oracular visions


Name:Molly Singh

Mental:Intelligence 2 Wits 4 Resolve 2
Physical:Strength 1 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2
Social:Presence 2 Manipulation 3 Composure 2

Mental:Academics 2, Investigation 1, Occult 1
Physical:Athletics 2, Larceny 3(Lockpicking), Stealth 1(Moving Silently), Survival 1
Social:Empathy 4, Persuasion 2(Fast-Talking), Socialize 1, Streetwise 3(Rumors), Subterfuge 1

Allies(Homeless) 2, Court Goodwill(Autumn) 1, Hollow 1, Visionary Dreams, Mantle(Winter; *)

Health 7
Willpower 4
Clarity 7
Defense 3
Speed 9
Initiative 4
Wyrd 3

Omens 3, Hearth 1
Goblin Contracts:Sight of Truth and Lies, Diviner’s Madness

Glamour/per Turn:12/3

Experience Log
Diviner’s Madness:6 Exp


Molly’s mask is that of a very thin, slightly tomboyish punk indian girl, with short hair and a nose piercing. Her eyes are a startling bright blue, noticeable if an oddity. She also has a small scar on her forehead. She will sometimes react strangely, as if to things not there.

For those who can see past the mask, the most noticeable change is a glowing light, as if through a crack, on her forehead. Furthermore, her eyes are completely white as if blind, although she has no difficulty seeing.

Molly was never ordinary. In high school, her grades started to slip as she suffered from increasingly painful headaches. Medication didn’t seem to work, and doctors couldn’t find any cause for it. One night, she had a horrible dream of her best friend and herself going with some boys in a car that ended up crashing into another car. Her friend died instantly, and after awakening she had her worst headache yet. The headache was so bad she stayed home from school that day, but the bad feeling she had during the dream persisted. She eventually called her friend, and begged her to take the bus that day until she agreed. The next day, her friend was dumbfounded, and told her that her that a couple of the boys in school had died in a car crash the other day. Looking at the photos, Molly was shocked to see it was the same boys as in her dream.

Since that time, Molly started to see glimpses of events, generally emotional ones, before they would happen. She would try to warn people, but they dismissed her and gave her funny looks. It didn’t help the headaches were getting worse, to the point that she could barely function at all after a vision. Somehow, this strange talent attracted some unwanted attention.

The true fey called The Clockwork Doctor. He was intrigued by this oddity of a human, and wanted to discover what made her tick. Snatching her away, he took her to his nightmarish asylum, where he performed his experiments. Molly lost track of time while the good doctor shocked her, cut her head open and studied her brain, and isolated her in complete darkness and isolation. The torture ended one day when, after some more “studying”, the Clockwork Doctor exclaimed that he had fixed it, and sent her back to her room. While there, she had another vision, but it was different. There was no more pain, and after the vision ended she knew two things. One, that her captor had no more interest in her, and it was not good for her. The second was how to escape. Following her vision’s directions, she escaped into the hedge and eventually stumbled back through a trod into our world.

Once back to world, Molly soon found that no one had missed her, as she had been replaced by a copy, one that didn’t seem creepy, or burden those around her with the medical bills her headaches had required. Molly couldn’t bring herself to take her life back, and was left directionless with next to nothing on a bus to New York City.

In New York City, the runaway Molly spent some time among the homeless of the city. She attempted to earn money by using someone to gamble for her, directed by her talents, but had little luck, they often running off with any money won. It did attract negative attention eventually when a gang was convinced she was rigging some of their rackets. Luckily Molly had the fortune of running into others of her kind from the local courts who helped her escape from this sticky situation. Despite the Autumn Court offering her a place based on her talents for foresight, she found herself attracted to the Winter Court who helped her out with starting up a new life. It was under the tutalage of more experienced Changelings that she started to discover the full extent of her abilities, namely her talents in Oneriomancy and Talecrafting. Now she is a valued member of the Winter Court, even if she’s not all that important of a political figure. So it came as a surprise to some when she requested to join the Accord’s task force. However, Molly is certain that it has an important role in future events, and intends to be there when it happens.
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Molly Singh

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