Princess nekoninjette and ambassador from the Queen of Diamonds


Name: Miriam Tinneth
Name (Princess): Procursu
Concept: Hidden Light of Truth
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Suspicion
Calling: Seeker
Queen: Diamonds
Embassy: Fortune

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2 (3), Wits 3 (4), Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3 (5), Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 2 (3), Manipulation 1, Composure 3

Mental Skills: Investigation 1, Medicine 1 (2), Occult (Princess Charms) 2, Politics 1
Physical Skills: Athletics (Running) 3 (8), Drive 1, Larceny 3 (5), Stealth (Prowling) 4 (8)
Social Skills: Empathy 1, Persuasion (Moral Arguments) 3, Socialize 1, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 1

Merits: Mentor (Queen of Diamonds) 5, Onceborn 2, Royal Tongue 1, Mandate 2, Status (Accord) 5, Palace Size 2, Palace Amenities 1, Palace Gallery (Expression: Teaching) 1, Palace Security 1, Contacts 2 (The Librarian, Caravel), Bequest 4 (Ivory Gate), Bequest 5 (Levinbolt, Multiple x2, Soothing) Memento? N/A (The Lamenting Blade, Special) Bequest 7 (Resusicate +Wisp Pool), Shikigami 1

Willpower: 6
Belief: 9
Sensitivity: 4 dice

Inner Light: 8
Invocations: Acqua 4, Fuoco 1
Charms: Twenty Faces (Upgrades: Disguised, Masked), Dim (Upgrade: Traceless), Scent Falsehood (Upgrades: Collective, Unwitting) Cloak of Mists (Upgrade: Traceless) Goccia Astrale (Upgrade: Integrated) Passion’s Light Celestial Dance (Upgrade: Swift 3)

Initiative: 6 (18)
Speed: 10 (14)
Defense: 6 (12)
Health: 7
Current XP: 1.8

The Lamenting Blade (As Phantasmal Rage 1. Dexterity + Athletics or Weaponry, resisted by Composure. Damage is phantasmal, and disappears quickly, unless it rolls over into Aggravated, in which it starts to become real. Throwing Weapon, needs to be retrieved after each use.
Unseen Sense (Ghosts)
Automatic win on initiative rolls against Ghosts
Oh hit against Ghosts: Roll Resolve + Composure. If successes equal or exceed the ghost’s rank, the ghost is instantly defeated. (Discorporated, or obliterated? Maybe sent to Lethe or the unknowable beyond?)
The Bracelet of Golden Thorns (0B, 30 shots, Thrown, Dex + Athletics, Special: When hit, opponent must make a Stam + Resolve roll – Legno. On Failure, victim suffers effects of Morphine)


Miriam Tinneth, known to the accord as the Magical Girl Procursu, is what many would call a naive bleeding heart, and there is much in that pronouncement that would be correct. Born to a well-off family in Boston, she lived her early life in a gated community, with only rare peeks available to the outside world. She might have continued living this way, if she hadn’t met a boy named Graham Jones.

Graham was a sick kid, confined to a wheelchair and with not many prospects for living to the age of 20. Despite his slim chances, he was perhaps the cheeriest kid in her school, always ready with a pun or a self-depreciating comment to smooth things over and to make sure everyone could have a good time. Miriam started hanging out with him more and more as time went on, and eventually the two were inseparable, until he had to return to the hospital and they couldn’t hang out anymore, at least.

Miriam returned to the hospital every day that she could. She brought homework, well-wishes from other students, and lots of smiles and nostalgia and promises that they both knew could never be kept. His illness was accelerating in severity, and neither Miriam nor Graham knew how much longer he had to live. It was a stressful time for them both, but they did what they could to make the best of it, until eventually, Graham’s time came. Miriam was at his bedside when Graham’s body began to finally fail him for the last time. Miriam was crying, but she knew there was nothing she could do, and that knowledge was crushing her heart. Graham, however, in his dying moments saw the fountain of inner goodness that resided in Miriam, and saw her to be the angel of light that she truly was. His final words to Miriam were that she didn’t need those tears, since he had an angel right there to carry him home. Those words broke some barrier that was within her, and as Graham’s vision faded, Miriam transformed for the first time, Blossoming into the bright-eyed angel that was the Magical Girl Procursu.

Two years have passed since that day, and ever since Miriam has been driven by her need to save and help others. When she heard of the Accord through the Radiant grapevine, she knew that she had to go there and help. She petitioned the Queen of Diamonds for the right to do this, and in her wisdom the Queen agreed, giving her the title of Ambassador to the Accord and a measure of the Queen’s own time, so that Miriam may come and speak with her whenever it is necessary. Miriam sees the Accord as a way for the supernatural community to create peace, prosperity, and a new golden age, both for themselves and for the mortal men and women who share the world with them. She will create a new Kingdom of the Light from these humble roots, no matter what.

Currently, she is in a dedicated relationship with the Vampire known as Amy. Their friends seem to think of it as a good fit, claiming that a pair of perverts like them would be great together. Procursu vehemently denies the claims that she’s a pervert, and that she has much better things to be doing with her skills then to play peeping tom, but it seems that fewer and fewer people believe her with each passing day. For her part, Amy seems to be simply rolling with it, for good or for ill.


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