Adamantine Arrow boxer and martial artist


Shadow Name: Delta
Real Name: Marcus Walters
Concept: Bodyguard
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Path: Thysrus

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 4(8), Dexterity 2(6), Stamina 2(6)
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 1, Composure 4

Mental Skills: Computer 2, Crafts 1, Investigation 2, Medicine 2, Occult 1
Physical Skills: Athletics (Running) 3, Brawl (Bare Knuckles) 5, Drive 1, Firearms 1, Survival 1
Social Skills: Animal Ken (Dogs) 1, Expression 1, Intimidation 2, Persuasion 2

Merits: High Speech 1, Status (Order) 1, Oath 4, Resources 1, Mentor 1

Willpower: 6
Wisdom: 7

Gnosis: 5
Arcana: Life 5, Matter 2, Spirit 5

Initiative: 7
Speed: 12
Defense: 3
Health: 7

Nimbus – Delta’s Nimbus is sets of razor sharp animal teeth that pop out all over his body. Being near Delta makes people wonder about their own meaningless existence as if survival was the only purpose in life.

Order Tool – Antique Gun – The Antique Gun is from the 1800’s. It can be fired and it’s not a bad gun but Delta doesn’t keep it on his person. He knows he should have a tool on him at all times for it but refuses to have a weapon on him.
Matter Tool – His mother’s Silver Promise Ring. Delta has this on him at all times underneath his clothes. His mother’s Ring was the only thing he took after he killed her. She always said it was from a time when she was going to have the world in her pocket before he came into the her life and ruined it.

Active Spells
Mage Armor 4
Honing the Form (Plus 4 to all 3 physical stats lasts 7 more days)

Xp Purchases
Life 4 (23xp+1AXP)
Spirit 2 (12xp)
Persuasion 1+2(9xp)
Spirit 3 (18xp)
Occult 1 (3xp)
Spirit 4 (24xp)
Spirit 5 (3xp)
Gnosis 4 (5xp)
Gnosis 5 (5xp)


Marcus Walters was born in Essex, England. It wasn’t a great life but it was a life. He started his life on October 21, 1982. With only one mother and in an impoverished home he didn’t get the best life in the world. His mother was a single mother trying to support them. As things went on, everything got worse. In elementary school, everything was pretty bad for him. He got picked on for being poor, he got beat up for being weak, and his life pretty much sucked.

Things changed in middle school. He became bigger. He started working out. Things got easier with everyone because he looked better. It got to the point where he was actually having friends. Then it seemed to crash after an incident with another student another teenager his age and gender that is. The teasing started up again, everything got worse, and then he got mad. If he couldn’t have friends, he would be feared. So he started beating up on people. Hard. To the point where he got expelled. By freshman year, he just dropped out of school put the incident behind him and started punching things for money.

By the time he was 18 he was already pretty known for underground bare knuckle fighting. It wasn’t really a well paying job but on his own and in need of money, he did what he had to. It wasn’t a good life but it was a life but it would all change eventually. That’s when everything changed because a man who called himself Alan. He challenged Marcus and of course Marcus thought it was easy. The dude looked weak and was in his mid-40’s practically retired in this sport. It was a breeze or so he thought. Then the fighting began. It was like he was going up against a brick wall. His punches connected but the damage was barely visible. The faintest of punches was breaking his ribs. After an hour of taking punishment, Marcus passed out almost dead. When he woke up, it was like entering wonderland.

He woke up in an old hut with his wounds being tended by an old man. The old man asked him what he thought of his life. Marcus replied that he didn’t like it.

The old man followed that question up, “Why don’t you change it?”.

“Because I don’t think it’s possible.”
“It’s always possible all you have to do is have the courage to do it.” The man replied.
“Yeah, but how.” Marcus replied.
“Every journey starts in the dark and in the deepest cave. You need to take a step outside it in order to better yourself. Many people find comfort in the darkness always sleeping but you have a chance to be better for it if you take a step outside and wake up.” The old man said.

So Marcus did just that. After his wounds were healed he left the cave. He left it and went on a journey. If he was lucid he would have realized a lot of things. That he was in a hospital that he was in Essex still. That the nurses thought he was delirious but he wasn’t so he didn’t. As the mystery play continued he met two children who were starving and tried to help them as best he could, because it was something he had stopped trying to do for a long time. He helped people and fought bulls, wolves and other animals. With each task, he realized that there was more to life than being some cold, heartless bastard beating people up for a living. He wanted it to have a purpose and the only way to do that would be to continue. The climax of the play began and ended at his mother’s house. It wasn’t a house to him though. It was a mountain and on top of the mountain was a vulture’s nest. There there were two more children and a mother vulture who was going to pick their bones. As it started to pick at their bones he fought with it, physically at first but it was too strong. It was breaking his arms and legs and right when it went for his head. He told the vulture what horrible thing it was, that it deserve to rot. The more he said the stronger he got the weaker the vulture got. He was stronger and bigger than it. It was in his right to destroy it but he had better things to do. He wouldn’t stoop to that level, not ever again. He wrote his name on that mountain and awakened that day he knew there was something more that he was different.”

When he came back, he saw his mother on the floor. He realized what had happened. He saw his younger brother and sister and took them with him. Then after he got back to his house he noticed Alan at his door.

“So some revelation huh kid.” He said. “Are you telling me you beat me up on purpose for that reason.” “Well you know kid, I had my doubts. It doesn’t normally happen that well but it seems all you needed was a good beating to get you out of that rut. You have a chance to be something better. To Change. Delta.” Alan said. “It’s not very original but it’ll suit you kid.” “Why do I need a new name?” Marcus asked. “Everyone needs something to protect themselves. Names are powerful.” Alan said. “I’m with a bunch of people who think it’s not the ability to fight but to fight for what’s right. I’ll tell you what. I’ll move you and the kids for free and all you have to do is be my student.” “This has to be a trick.” Marcus said. “No tricks. It’s not just a bunch of people it’s an organization and if you don’t fit in. Well, at least you still get something out of.” Alan replied.

So Marcus in need of a new life for his siblings and himself decided to move to New York. He changed his to Michael Smith as well as his siblings names thanks to the Adamant Arrow and got a job being a bodyguard. His life is a mix magical training, being a bodyguard for anyone being set-up through arrow controlled 3rd party, his brother and sister, and one-night stands. He doesn’t have enough time for a proper social life let alone anything more than he has right now. Not that he minds.

After four years and the new change of events. Marcus sees this as a chance to shine. A truce between magical beings means he has chance to shine. In an Arrow dominated city and working at the lower spectrum of things, he could really do something great.

It was only with Alan’s help that he managed to get a recommendation. It’s not the only thing Alan’s has helped with. He’s the reason Marcus knows as much as he does about magic or fighting. However, things have been different lately. Alan’s been distant and dealing with other disciples. Alan’s started talking about things like legacies. That their time as mentor and pupil is almost at an end. It worries Marcus because it sucks because Alan has been their for him for quite a while but at the same time he realizes that things can’t stay stagnant forever.


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