Abigail Arisato

Genius arms CEO with a penchant for demons


Name: Dr. Abigail Arisato
Concept: Visionary Arms CEO
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy
Foundation: Directors
Catalyst: Staunen
Fellowship: Perfected Vision Institute (Full Fellow)

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 5, Wits* 5, Resolve 3
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity* 5, Stamina 2
Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure* 5

Mental Skills: Academics 3, Computer 3, Crafts (Gunsmithing) 3, Investigation 1, Occult (Demonology) 2, Science* 5
Physical Skills: Firearms (Pistols) 4, Weaponry* (Swords) 5
Social Skills: Intimidation 3, Persuasion 1, Subterfuge 3

Merits: Dragon’s Tongue 1, Adopted Orphan 5, Resources* 5, Status* (Celestial Arms) 5, Status (Accord) 1, Syllabus 2, Fighting Finesse (Swords) 2, Armed Defense (Weaponry) 1, Filthy Rich 2

Willpower: 8
Obligation: 5

Inspiration: 3
Mania Current/Bound/Maximum: 4/12/16
Axioms: Apokalypsi* 3, Automata 3, Epikrato 5, Exelixi* 1

Initiative: 15
Speed: 9
Defense: 5
Health: 7

Experience Total/Current: 98/0
-Investigation 0 to 1: 3
-Epikrato 0 to 1: 5
-Scholarship (Perfected Vision Institute): 3
-Epikrato 1 to 2: 10
-Epikrato 2 to 3: 15
-Syllabus 0 to 1: 4
-Syllabus 1 to 2: 8
-Epikrato 3 to 4: 20
-Epikrato 4 to 5: 25
-Exelixi 0 to 1: 5

NEW Experience Total/Current: 57.6/40.6
-Weaponry (Swords): 1
-Fighting Finesse (Swords): 2
-Armed Defense (Weaponry): 1
-Automata 0 to 3: 12
-Filthy Rich 2: 2

Abigail usually wears bulletproof clothing (tailored suits) for 1/2 armor. She switches to Dragonskin when she knows she’s going into combat for 2/4.

Infernal Boons: Better than You, Air of Belonging, Larger than Life

  • Indicates result of demonic pact.

Fellowship Bonuses (Wonders with the Internalized variable only): +2 to build/modify, +1 to core modifier

Celestial Arms HVS (Hyper-velocity sidearm)
Prototype Pistol (H&K USP)
-Heavy Bore (3L automatically on hit)
-Stealth (Doesn’t break stealth when fired, no bonus to notice gunshot)
-Supersonic (Rote action, half range)
-Targeting (Halve penalty for targeted shots, headshots cause aggravated)
-Jammed (Dramatic failures jam gun until repaired, causing any shot to detonate the bullet for 2B to user)

The Briefcase (Adopted Orphan)
Construction: Academics
Requires: Epikrato 5
Bound Mania: 5
Size: 2 (Steel Briefcase)
Cost: None
Range: 10 ft. per Inspiration dot
Roll: Manipulation + Academics
Core Modifier: 0
Variables: Reduced Cost (0 Mania, -5), One-Purpose Manipulator (consciousness manipulation only, +1), Charge-up Time (30 seconds, +2), Slow Reload (10-Inspiration turns, +2)
Flaw: Animals grow fearful due to the wonder’s power. Whoever uses the wonder suffers a -5 penalty to Animal Ken, with the effect reducing by one point per day. If the user’s Presence + Animal Ken pool is reduced to a chance die, animals attack on sight.

Intellectus Node (Apokalypsi 3 Scanner)
Construction: Lowest of Science, Medicine, Computer, Occult
Requires: Apokalypsi 3
Bound Mania: 3
Size: 0 (Internalized)
Cost: None
Range: 10 Miles
Roll: Wits + Computer to scan
Core Modifier: 2
Variables: Size (0, -2), Integral (+ 1), Slow Reload (1 turn, + 1), Fragile (+1)
Flaw: The godlike insight granted by the wonder strips the genius of moral integrity. She cannot regain Willpower from her Virtue for one week after using the wonder.

Psionic Hub Node (Apokalypsi 2 Mental Scanner)
Construction: Academics
Requires: Apokalypsi 2
Bound Mania: 2
Size: 0 (Internalized)
Cost: None
Range: 10 Miles
Roll: Wits + Academics
Core Modifier: 2
Variables: Size (0, -2), Charge-up Time (3 turns, + 1), Slow Reload (1 turn, + 1), Fragile (+1)
Flaw: The device cannot see or detect wonders, manes, or anything fueled, built or sustained by Mania. It will detect geniuses normally, but they register as ordinary humans.

Total Control Node (Epikrato 3 Controller)
Construction: Lowest of Academics, Science, Medicine
Requires: Epikrato 3
Bound Mania: 3
Size: 0 (Internalized)
Cost: None
Range: 10 ft. per Inspiration
Roll: See p. 188
Core Modifier: 0
Variables: Size (0, -2), Reduced Cost (0 Mania, -3), Fragile (+ 1), Slow Reload (1 turn, + 1), Peculiar Requirement (cannot affect anyone of Morality 8+, + 1), Integral (+1)
Flaw: The effects end immediately if the subject is exposed to silver.


Unlike many so-called Geniuses Dr. Abigail Arisato is a real doctor, thank you very much. It’s one of the only legitimate things about her. The first important thing she ever learned about life was that intelligence alone would get her nowhere. The second was that her “imaginary friends” were both real and actually demons, and that she had an inborn gift for communicating with them. She figured that one out when they flayed her parents alive for grounding her. It was only much later, after she had finished her PhD in industrial psychology, that she learned they could give her stuff in exchange for one or two little ritualistic murders.

She Catalyzed soon after the incident with her parents and was taken in by a Genius who recognized her Dragon’s Tongue for what it was and taught her how to control her “friends”. When he died she inherited his Briefcase, a miracle of science designed to contain and exploit a hideously powerful infernal artifact stored within.

To the rest of the world she’s a reclusive billionaire whose corporation, Celestial Arms, became one of the largest weapons companies in the world almost overnight. In truth, the entire corporation, all of her wealth, and her phenomenal scientific knowledge are all the result of infernal pacts. The vampire Prince learned that there was something strange going on when she attempted a hostile takeover of the company only to have her accountants rendered comatose. Arisato signed on to the Accord before she could do anything about it so the two still have..unresolved issues.

Abigail Arisato

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