Brightest Shadows

Recap: Group 2 (2/7)

Characters Present:
Abigail Arisato
Keket Moore
Miriam Tinneth

The task force visited the head of the Mysterium, the mage Londo, in his extradimensional lodge. He informed them that the book and daggers were not originally a part of the dead mage’s estate and may have been added to his possessions afterwards, a feat only Aeon, the Mysterium Censors, or the Consilium official who handled his affairs could have accomplished easily. They attempted to uncover Pseulak’s overall plan but eventually decided they lacked enough evidence to confirm anything. They decided their next step should be investigating the mage’s empty mansion and Londo teleported them there.

Procursu and Keket discovered recent footprints and drag marks in the mud leading to an SUV concealed in a bush. The Princess was able to pick the locks on the crates inside and discovered surplus military hardware: grenades, rockets, and rifles. They were then hit with waves of suppressing fire from the mansion windows by individuals that didn’t register on Arisato’s living-thing-sense, forcing them to take cover. However, they were flanked by a pack of apparent-zombies with steel pipes that charged towards them. Arisato dropped four of them in the first turn with headshots and Delta killed the remaining six with a well-placed grenade from the SUV’s trunk. The explosion triggered a fear frenzy in Keket, who ran off into the woods of upstate New York.

That may have worked to her advantage as the remaining three continued to take hits from the now-advancing soldiers firing blindly. A hideously-gaudy SUV, which the group immediately (and correctly) identified as belonging to the vampire Caelinus arrived on the scene blaring the Soviet anthem. Caelinus’ leather-masked hand Boris scattered them with a pop-up minigun and Procursu and Arisato entered the SUV. Delta, still simmering from his last encounter with Caelinus, chose to assume hawk form with Life magic and fly back instead.

Much to their surprise they found the Radiant ambassador Sarlissa in the back of the SUV as well. She claimed the fish told her the group would be in danger which caused her to seek the vampire’s assistance in rescuing them. Procursu, fearing her friend had learned such through Specchio divinations, placed her under a truth Charm and demanded to know if that was the case. The Charm revealed she was telling the truth about not using Specchio but reduced her to tears. Keket, meanwhile, had come out of her frenzy up a tree and called Arisato who used her scrying to locate the lost vampire. After retrieving her, they drove back to Keket’s library where Delta had already arrived and healed Procursu’s wounds with magic (as he had already healed his own, Arisato’s artifact rendered her functional immortal, and Keket hadn’t taken any damage).

Character Developments:

  • Procursu’s statistics have been reassigned
  • Arisato purchased an artifact from Aeon that renders her immune to death
  • Procursu has been locked-out of the Fuoco Invocation until she makes amends with Sarlissa

Stopping Point:

  • In Keket’s library with Caelinus and Sarlissa (no downtime)


I’m leaving a comment of my own to ask for feedback: does everyone like this more in-depth format or do you prefer the older, less-detailed one?

Recap: Group 2 (2/7)

Getting the narrative is infinitely more fun, but don’t worry about it if it’s too much work.

Recap: Group 2 (2/7)

Narrative format is always a more entertaining read, but if the extra work becomes an issue then don’t hesitate to return to the original bullet points.

But yeah, Procursu kinda screwed that one up. I’m going to be running a side-game soon to fix it, but still, that month-long lock from Fuoco’s harsh.

Recap: Group 2 (2/7)

I’m gonna parrot everyone else and say the long format is more fun but don’t worry about it if it takes too much time.

I’m not a Princess expert but wasn’t Procursu kinda screwed either way? Hurt her friend and lose Fuoco or willingly choose not to pursue the truth and violate her Calling oath? Also I’m starting to think Sarlissa is not insane but the most terrifyingly sane person in the setting..

Recap: Group 2 (2/7)

Oh. Delta killed the vampires attacking them with an SUV explosion don’t forget that and the house. That was the coolest thing he did that session that session.

Recap: Group 2 (2/7)

PS. I like the longer format myself.

Recap: Group 2 (2/7)

PSS. Delta has not healed his wounds. He currently has one agg and two lethal damage. (He also has way more health levels for 8 more days.)

Recap: Group 2 (2/7)

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