Brightest Shadows

Recap: Group 2 (2/14)

Characters Present:
Abigail Arisato
Keket Moore
Miriam Tinneth

New NPCs Met:

The task force, still in Keket’s library haven, listened to Sarlissa and Caelinus explain how they managed to rescue them. Sarlissa heard that fellow ambassador Procursu and her friends would be in grave danger from the fish and also that Caelinus would be interested in dealing with their foes as well. She went to Caelinus who agreed to assist with the rescue. Caelinus explained how one of his revenue streams was control of the black market arms pipeline into New York. The weapons the group found at the mage’s mansion were not sold by him, however, but a shadowy competitor who has been muscling-in on his operations. Considering he was convinced of the loyalty of his people (through equal parts vampiric magic and bribery) as well as the Principles’ control of the police, he determined that only someone with supernatural power or backing could possibly have brought those weapons in without his assistance.

Unsure of what to do next, the group debated their options. Returning to the mansion was pointless as Delta had seen emergency sirens approaching it from hawk form and that meant either the Accord-controlled police had the situation under control and were investigating or the ATF or Homeland Security had taken over and were outside the Accord’s influence. Sarlissa suggested she could ask the fish for advice once again which Procursu agreed was a good idea, having established that “the fish” was not a euphemism for “Specchio Charms” in the last session.

Caelinus left at this point, leading Procursu to remark on how much she disliked him while Sarlissa encouraged her to be less judgmental. This eventually led to the topic of Sarlissa’s boyfriend, the Tremere mage Hastings, and Delta harshly criticized his diet of souls. Sarlissa retorted that Delta was a thug who put people in danger more often than protecting them and claimed he and Dr. Arisato had been actively plotting to kill each other. The two began arguing back and forth while Procursu attempted to calm them down without success. She appealed to Dr. Arisato who immediately did the opposite of helping by stating she had plans to kill everybody, not just Delta. The situation was finally defused when Keket suggested trying some of Arisato’s blood to see what effects it had on her undead physiology.

Arisato, being immortal, was perfectly willing to donate some of her lifeblood to science. As a Diamond, Procursu was equally curious to see the results. The sip of Genius blood gave Keket IDEAS. Visions of theoretical Coils, Disciplines, Bloodlines and the like filled her mind. She immediately began scrawling on a notebook and searching for books, evidently inspired to do something. Sarlissa and Procursu left for the aquarium to consult the fish; Arisato remained to see what breakthrough Keket was making and Delta refused to ride with Hastings’ lover.

Sarlissa and Procursu had a heart-to-heart discussion in Arisato’s corporate limousine. Back at the library, Keket had the inspired idea to taste some of Delta’s mage blood (previously established to cause powerful hallucinations) while still under the effects of Arisato’s. He agreed. After a sequence of experiments including attempting to walk through a wall (supposed to turn to mud) and dodging book bats (that were supposed to store blood), Keket announced she was close to discovering a highly-mathematical form of blood sorcery.

At the aquarium, Procursu met Sarlissa’s associate Mr. Swordfish. And it is totally up to her if she wants to reveal the details of that conversation or not! Suffice to say, she learned that Aeon was not the culprit in the case of the dead mage’s tampered-with estate, meaning either the Mysterium lied or missed something or that he’s not actually dead.

Character Developments:

  • Keket has invented a new form of blood sorcery
  • Procursu is no longer locked-out of Fuoco

Stopping Point:

Whoops, we forgot to decide on this!


For the record, yes, Procursu learned some interesting things that night. Also for the record, I’m not telling anybody anything unless they can pry it out of her In-character, or unless she decides it would be the best choice. Since she’s got dots in the Acqua invocation, you may all rest assured that anything she says on the subject will be nothing but the truth. That doesn’t mean she won’t just say ‘No’ though. Also, to anyone I may have told already OOC, Keep that knowledge OOC!

Recap: Group 2 (2/14)

You DO realize that means I’m going to have to get Apokalypsi 5 and pull the info out of the ether right? Arisato must know EVERYTHING!

Recap: Group 2 (2/14)

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