Brightest Shadows

Recap: Group 2 (1/31)

Characters Present:
Abigail Arisato
Keket Moore
Miriam Tinneth

New NPCs Met:

New Organizations:

Critical Information:

  • The daggers and flesh-bound book were sold to the same buyer
  • All of them were acquired by Aeon from the estate of a dead Mysterium mage
  • A pocket watch was also part of the estate, but was unsold and is back in Mysterium hands

Character Developments:

  • Procursu named Delta and Keket as official Consuls of the Kingdom of Diamonds
  • Aeon is owed weregild by the task force for assaulting their guard, which they have delayed collection of indefinitely
  • Keket purchased an artifact allowing her to walk in the sunlight for an undisclosed price

Stopping Point:

  • Outside Aeon’s HQ, splitting up for the night (15 hours downtime)



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