Brightest Shadows

Recap: Group 1 (2/17)

Characters Present:
Molly Singh
White Lily

New NPCs Met:

The task force finished-up their conversation with Walks-the-Void and Londo, deciding (much to Lethe’s chagrin) to attempt to track the mysterious black wolf the cultist spoke of to its lair in the Shadow. Simply leaving through a door in the Black Lodge, they found themselves in the spiritual reflection of Central Park. Their trip was uneventful at first. The White Lily attempted to cow some spirits into revealing the wolf’s location but they ignored her. However, something else took notice.

The ground shook and out rose a powerful spirit. Appearing as a giant, metal snake/worm hybrid, it demanded to know why they trespassed in its domain. Lily identified it as a snake spirit that had, over years, devoured all of the subway spirits of New York City and claimed their purview. Once they assured it they were not after it but instead the black wolf, it informed them the wolf had been intruding upon its domain as well. It offered them transportation to the wolf’s lair which they accepted. This involved being eaten and riding in its stomach, which appeared as a dilapidated subway car plastered with anti-Maeljin propaganda posters. They arrived after being coughed-up by the spirit, which Lily decided to name “Footlong” after convincing him it was a title of great respect.

The black wolf’s domain was the Shadow reflection of Battery Park, littered with artillery shells that had originally given it its name. The one clear path led to Castle Clinton which, in the Shadow, appeared as an actual medieval fortress. They discovered a side gate that had been torn-off its hinges, its spirit guards sliced in half. This trail of spiritual wreckage continued throughout the castle until they came to a central chamber. A man lay in the center, bleeding-out from multiple claw wounds. Lucretia immediately went to help but Lily held her back, suggesting he was probably a werewolf and would heal quickly.

Sure enough, the man was indeed a werewolf. Introducing himself as Alexander Heartbreaker, an Iron Master, he said he and his pack assaulted the castle and split-up to cover more ground. He located the black wolf first and did battle with it, although it managed to seriously wound him and escape out a window. The rest of his pack was nowhere to be seen, which worried him greatly as he assumed they had been slain or trapped somewhere else in the castle. He pointed-out an idol the wolf left behind before fleeing which Lethe analyzed and discovered held a potent resonance of Sin.

Alexander believed the black wolf had too much of a head start to chase down. Furthermore, he was still wounded and needed to search the castle for the rest of his pack. However, he informed the party that the wolf was actually a spirit and not a werewolf as they had originally assumed. This in mind, Lily suggested taking the idol and using it to draw the black wolf out of hiding after discovering its Ban. Molly offered the Autumn Court’s archives and Lethe the Mysterium’s Athenaeum as places to research.

Character Developments:

  • Lily shuffled her Merit dots around
  • Molly learned something about Lucretias future she didn’t disclose

Stopping Point:

  • In the main chamber of Shadow Castle Clinton (no downtime)



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