Brightest Shadows

Recap: Group 1 (1/27)

Characters Present:
Molly Singh
White Lily

New NPCs Met:

Critical Information:

  • Pseulak is the Maeljin Minister of Deception
  • There are 9 Maeljin Incarnae, 1 for each Vice and 1 each for Deception and Violence
  • The Maeljin are limited to the Wounds, which are “grown” by spirits called the Maeltinet

Secondary Information:

  • Sarlissa and Hastings are an item
  • Sarlissa has access to stores of Tass (in fishfood form)
  • Walks-the-Void and Londo are both powerful enough to step sideways without a Locus and hunt Abyssal Intruders for fun

Stopping Point:

  • In the Black Lodge, chatting with its owners (no downtime)


Well, suddenly I understand absolutely nothing. Sarlissa and Hastings are an item? That could be either rather bad or rather good. If she helps him with his soul-gathering, then her Belief is going to drop like a stone. It explains why the two of them were both at the Tainted Place last session, though.

More importantly, this information about the Maeljin is disturbing, especially since those vampires we dealt with in the Taint were probably working for/worshiping Pseulak there. Looks like we need to keep a look out for ways to deal with this, pronto.

Recap: Group 1 (1/27)

I’m not surprised actually. They were basically hanging on each other before you guys came out of the Tainted Place.

The book has got to be the key to this. I’m guessing it’s some kind of Maeljin grimoire making them ultimately responsible for the vampires’ summoning. Going to those auctioneers they mentioned should probably be the first thing we do next session.

Recap: Group 1 (1/27)

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